Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Top tips for sewing the face on your amigurumi

The face is one of the most important parts of your amigurumi as the expression on them is what makes us all fall in love with our creations. Something as simple as moving the eyes can change an expression from happy to sad. It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to sewing the face. These are my top tips that I have learnt through trial and error to help you get that professional finish to you amigurumi.

To help you decide where you want to place your eyes, mouth and nose use pins to mark out the placement. A slight movement of the pins can completely change the expression. Try moving the eyes closer together or placing the smile closer to the eyes to see what looks you can create.

When securing a length of thread/yarn knot the end and when you pull it through your amigurumi the knot will catch on the stuffing helping to anchor it.

When sewing on beads for the eyes make sure you pass the thread through the bead several times to make sure it is really secure. If the amigurumi is for a young child do not use beads as these can be pulled off and instead over sew the eyes.

When you have finished sewing take the needle to the side of the body/head.

Sew back and forth between 2 stitches so that the thread/yarn catches on the stuffing inside. If you pull it gently after each stitch you shouldn't be able to see the thread. Don't pull too tightly as this will make the body/head look out of shape.

Pull the thread gently when you cut it off and the end will ping back inside the body/head and you won't be able to see any ends.

To over sew a nose or eye bring the needle through the same spot repeatedly.

To create a mouth bring your needle up to where you want the mouth to start and cross over to the other corner of the mouth. Bring the needle up in the middle of the 2 corners a bit lower down. Make a small stitch over the length of thread to hold it in a 'U' shape.

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