Saturday, 30 March 2013

Crocheting with video tape

I have lots of videos in my cupboards that I don't want anymore but I don't like throwing them away to fill up the land fill. I was thinking that I could recycle the tape inside and crochet with it. The added bonus is free crochet yarn!
I recommend rewinding the tape before taking out of the video case so you have all the tape on one spool making it easier to work with.

Take your tape and unscrew the back. My tape had 5 screws in total.

Take the back off and you will see 2 spools inside

Take these out

cut the tape and you have your yarn ready to crochet with.

I crocheted a square first to get used to crocheting with such a different material. I found a 7mm hook worked well and single crochet is best as the tape is not very easy to work with. I found I needed to pull the hook a bit sometimes to get it through the loops on my hook, but once I got in the flow I found my square crocheted up quite quickly. Video tape is surprisingly soft to work with and it is quite strong.

I have now started crocheting a tote bag. I am creating 2 rectangles in single crochet which I will then sew together and add handles to. I will keep you posted with my progress.

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